Does Waterless Car Wash Really Work? The Truth In 4 Simple Answers

It may seem strange to pair the word "waterless" with an activity like washing a car. You're probably used to bringing out the hose, a bucket and a washcloth whenever your car starts looking a little worse for wear. If you're sick of wasting hundreds of litres of water washing your car and want to find a more eco-friendly alternative to the usual hose and bucket, a waterless wash is the best place to start! Not only does making the switch to waterless washing help save water, but it also has a range of other benefits to offer car owners. Now, if what you're wondering is "Does waterless car wash really work?" you've come to the right place. Allow us to explain...

How does waterless car wash work?

A waterless car wash is sometimes referred to as a spray on car wash or a no water car wash. Basically, it's a car wash that uses little to no water, instead opting for spray bottles, quality microfiber cleaning materials and high lubricity liquid sprays. The spray we use here at Autoclean Wollongong is completely biodegradable which only adds another eco-friendly reason to bring your car in for a clean!

The high lubricity spray is the hero of this story. It is made up of a few different components that help it work in two very important ways: it both cleans and polishes the car all in one go. The special chemical makeup of the spray picks up dirt and dust particles easily, effectively and much more efficiently than if you were to use a traditional bucket and hose combination. While the cleaning is happening, the light wax polish in the solution helps to leave your car with a high-quality shine.

Once the spray has worked its magic, it's simply wiped away and Bob's your uncle! Your car is completely clean without wasting bucket loads of water and dumping nasty chemicals into our oceans in the process.

It's also a much quicker and less messy service when compared with traditional car washing and detailing operations.

Does waterless car wash damage paint?

Some traditional water-based car wash services will try to tell you that a waterless car wash is the worst thing you can do to your vehicle's paint. They say it will cause scratches and leave marks on your car. This is simply untrue unless the wash is done incorrectly.

When you trust Autoclean Wollongong to clean your car with the waterless wash method, you'll see just how well we've perfected our process in order to ensure a quality clean with zero damage.

Speaking frankly, the only reason a waterless car wash could potentially damage paint is if it's not done professionally with care and knowledge of the waterless cleaning products. So, what's the secret to the best waterless clean that won't damage your paint? It's all in the microfiber cloth. The cloths we use in our waterless car wash here in Wollongong are 350gsm microfiber towels. These towels have been specifically woven together to meet our super high standards (we're very picky when it comes to quality). Because of the soft nature of microfiber cloths and the materials used to make them (a mix of polyester and polyamide) we can absolutely guarantee a scratch-free clean each and every time.

Every single external section of your car can be professionally cleaned by a waterless car wash and detailing service like ours, without the risk of damaging paintwork or parts.

Is waterless car wash better than other car washes?

Not only is waterless car wash a more eco-friendly option when compared with traditional car washes, but it also provides the same, if not better results. Some waterless car washes have a bad rep because of the sub-par products they use in the cleaning process, but if you find a truly professional service who take pride in their work (hint: that's us!) you'll have no issue with the quality of your clean.

You get to feel better about having your car washed and detailed because it's not using hundreds of litres of water to clean. You can also be sure that you're keeping nasty cleaning chemicals out of oceans, waterways and other natural environments to help keep our wildlife and Mother Nature happy and healthy.

The only time we'd suggest forgoing a completely waterless car wash is if you've got mud and dirt caked thickly on your vehicle (from 4WDing or other messy activities). If that's the case, you're going to need a heavier duty clean. A thick coating of mud is quite hard to wipe away with a microfiber cloth. Believe us, we've tried, and we can confirm that the cloth definitely doesn't come out on top.

We do offer cleaning services for more heavy-duty cleans but we try to keep them as eco-friendly as possible while using the least amount of water in the process.

Autoclean waterless car wash Wollongong

We are proud to say that we are Wollongong's trusted waterless car wash and our cleaning technicians are experts at what they do.

We're not here to make a quick buck. We are passionate about cleaning people's cars, providing an incredible car wash and detail with unbeatable results and making sure our environmental footprint is as small as possible at the same time.

So, whether you're looking for a reason to come and see us for an Express, Deluxe or Ultimate clean for your vehicle - our guarantee is always a high-quality, eco-friendly, affordable service.

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