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5 Shocking Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Car

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Do you wince every time you lay eyes on your car, knowing that it needs a clean but hating the idea of having to clean it? Is dust piling up on your dashboard and are water stains streaking your windscreen? Do you feel like all the cleaning and maintenance is just too much effort? You’re not alone!

The vast majority of people absolutely hate cleaning their cars and struggle to fit it into a busy lifestyle. However, the importance of car washing and car detailing definitely outweighs the annoyance of having to do it. Plus, if you don’t want to do it yourself, that’s why we’re here!

So, even though you may not enjoy washing your car, it’s time to get yourself into gear (no pun intended) and learn the top 5 reasons why you should clean your car…then, give us a call and we’ll come and do the hard work for you.

A Clean Car: How do you do it and why is it important

It preserves your paintwork

This might sound like a no brainer to some, but for the vast majority of people, keeping a clean car may not sound like it can help preserve paintwork. Most car enthusiasts will wash their cars at least weekly, depending on how often they take them out. Usually, this is to ensure no foreign materials are left to stick to the paint and damage it.

Different elements can have a more severe effect on car paintwork than others. Things like ocean spray, bird and bat droppings or certain leaves can actually eat away at your car’s paint over time.

There are ways to counteract this by washing frequently and also by having a polish added to your next car detailing routine.

So, if you’re in close proximity to the sea, a bat colony or trees with sticky, sappy leaves, it’s definitely worth getting your car washed and polished on a regular basis.

It keeps your car healthy

Much like any environment, if rubbish, food, dust and germs are left to build up over time, the risk of harmful bacteria making its way into your car increases significantly. Not to mention the risks of dust causing allergic reactions or asthma attacks.

There are so many places within a car that can accumulate dust and bacteria including, but not limited to:

  • Floor carpets

  • Steering wheel

  • Seating and upholstery

  • Door handles

  • Dashboards

  • Air-con vents

If this isn’t one of the most important reasons why you should keep your car clean, then I don’t know what is. Our health should be of the utmost importance to us all.

It turns your car into something to be proud of

How do you feel when you drive your car down the street? Are you happy to be seen in a clean, good-looking vehicle, or are you a little bit ashamed of the cobwebs on your mirrors and the bird poop on your windscreen?

Whatever your car’s make or model, it doesn’t matter. If you have it washed and detailed frequently, you will feel much better about taking it for a spin. It won’t just be something to get you from Point A to point B. It’ll be a prized possession that you’ll be proud to pick your mates up in.

Much like keeping your house or your room clean, keeping your car clean has been scientifically proven to improve happiness and decrease anxiety. Keeping things clean and orderly

removes clutter from both your physical environment and your emotional mindset.

It provides a safer way to drive

Headlights and taillights

Your headlights and taillights are there to help you see, but they’re also there to help other drivers see you. If they are covered in dust, mud and grime you’ll have a hard time seeing what’s in front of you and other drivers won’t be able to see you coming at night.


This one is super important. If your windows are blocked by any amount of dirt, dust or even watermarks, your visibility can be greatly inhibited. It’s just common sense that clear windows mean clear vision and dirty windows mean you will have trouble seeing what’s going on around you.


Are you someone who has about 50 half-filled water bottles rolling around in the back of your car? We’ve all been there. Who knows where they all came from, but even 1 loose water bottle can become a hazard if it rolls up under one of yo

ur pedals. Even having it roll around in the back of your car can be an annoying distraction while you’re trying to drive. Not to mention the frustration of going through the Maccas drive-through and not having a single cup holder free for your choccy thickshake because they’re filled with empty bottles. What a downer.

It makes traveling with you a much nicer experience

Whether you use your car for work or personal purposes (or both)

, making a good impression is important. Friends, family members, colleagues, clients and potential dates aren’t going to want to ride in a dirty car with you. They don’t want to see rubbish stuffed into the sides of the doors or stains on the seats. They definitely don’t want to see cobwebs on the mirrors, afraid that a spider is going to crawl out onto them mid-transit.

Seriously, having a clean car is going to make people feel much more comfortable about traveling with you. It may even help them gain confidence in your driving skills to know that you take care of your car.

Here at Autoclean Wollongong, we believe that every car deserves a professional clean. We treat every car as though it's our own because we know the importance of car washing and car detailing. It’s not just a job for us – the work we do could potentially save someone’s life, so we take it very seriously!

Now you understand why you should clean your car, he

ad across to our website and book in a visit or request a free quote today!

Otherwise, give us a call on 0424 556 729.

We’re always here to help!

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