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Terms & Conditions

1: Website Rights

1.1: Autoclean Wollongong holds the rights & contents published on our website as correct. We reserve the right to change our price without notice.

1.2: Accepting any service through Autoclean Wollongong means they have understood and accepted the terms and conditions through this website.

2: Bookings

2.1: booking arrangement can be made between the client and Autoclean Wollongong over the phone, email, in person or online.

2.2: Autoclean Wollongong will reply to the booking As Soon as possible. Prices Could be discussed over the phone based on vehicle description such as make, model colour and age of vehicle.

2.3: Best prices will be given upon vehicle inspection.

2.4: Prior To making bookings please be aware that we need to have full access to your Water and electricity.

2.5: We cannot guarantee any firm time for bookings.

2.6: Our completion time for detailing the car is just a rough estimate, in some cases, it can take a longer or shorter time, which is not in control of Autoclean Wollongong.

3: Vehicle Accessories

3.1: Autoclean Wollongong does not remove vehicle accessories, such as, window visors, headlight covers, baby seats, or anything fitted to the vehicle that requires tools for removal.

3.2: The customer must remove any personal items from inside of the vehicle including the boot Such as wallets, Money or Other personal stuff

3.3: Autoclean Wollongong will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to personal items.

3.4: Autoclean Wollongong does not remove seats or panels from the vehicle.

4: Mode of Payment

4.1: Payment for all services must be paid in full after or before completion of work carried out by Autoclean Wollongong.

4.2: Autoclean Wollongong has the right to ask for full payment before starting the work.

4.3: We accept Cash, EFTPOS, Credit Card (Visa & MasterCard).

4.4 Bank Transfer needs to be done in advance and proof of transfer needs to be supplied so Autoclean Wollongong can carry out the commenced work.

5: Public Liability

5.1: Autoclean Wollongong is not liable for any oil, grease, brake dust or any other form of contamination washed off from customers' vehicles and left on the property that could or may have stained or damaged the driveway or lawn or other areas.

5.2: All products used by Autoclean Wollongong are environmentally friendly and biodegradable 

5.3:Autoclean Wollongong is liable for any physical damage done to the customer’s property such as structural damage that may have occurred while operating a motor vehicle on the property.

5.4: Autoclean Wollongong has sole discretion in determining the liability of any damage that the customer claims to have occurred while work was performed on the vehicle such as scratches, scuffs, dents, swirl marks as they may have been there prior to work commencing when the vehicle was dirty and they could not be seen.

5.5: It's in the customer's best interest to identify pre-existing damage, safety and sensitive areas, such as electrical parts, computer box and special engine compartment where water should not be used before Autoclean Wollongong starts their work.

5.6: Autoclean Wollongong without the knowledge of where the hidden compartments are doesn’t take any responsibility for effect damage.

5.7: Autoclean Wollongong doesn’t take any responsibility for the vehicle which already had problems before commencing the work. It’s the customers' responsibility to get those problems fixed before Autoclean Wollongong starts work.

5.8: If the pre-existing problem doesn’t get fixed and any new problem occurred while detailing could be related to a pre-existing Problem which for Autoclean Wollongong doesn’t take liability or responsibility.

5.9: Once a service is booked through Autoclean Wollongong either directly in person, over the phone or online, the customers understand what is involved in our services and they fully accept our terms and conditions. Autoclean Wollongong before commencing their work once again informs their customers of what is involved in the service.

5.10: As part of the detailing process Autoclean Wollongong uses high noise equipment such as high-pressure machines, vacuum and shampoo machines, which without Autoclean Wollongong cannot complete detailing jobs.

5.11: Once Autoclean Wollongong has finished the exterior detailing of the paint, how long it will shine is based on the service that the client has booked for. We don’t guarantee the shine will last as expected due to the nature of where the vehicle is parked and usage.

5.12: For interior detailing once it’s completed Autoclean Wollongong doesn’t take any responsibility if seats are still wet, carpets are still wet, condensation in any electrical or related areas.

5.13: With engine cleaning, If a customer needs engine degreased and high pressure cleaned then they have to give permission to Autoclean Wollongong to do so, however, no liability will be taken for any problems arising from the service.

5.14: Autoclean Wollongong has the full right to ask for a vehicle key and hold it till the job is completed. Once a customer pays for the service requested, Autoclean Wollongong will return the key safely.

5.15: If no payment is made Autoclean Wollongong has the right to hold the vehicle key till full payment is made.

6: Cancellation policy

6.1: Once the booking is done, this means the client has accepted the agreed price either via in person, by phone or by mail.

For cancellation our charges are:

6.2: 24 hours before the due time will incur $20 cancellation fees to the agreed price.

6.3: 12 hours before the due time or on the day will incur $40 cancellation fees to the agreed price.

7: Refund policy

7.1: Once the service is completed the customer is given a chance to inspect the vehicle and complete the sale. Once the detailing service has been completed the customer gets legally bound to pay Autoclean Wollongong.

7.2: We give customers enough time to assess our work and provide the payment. Once the sale is completed customers are not eligible for any refund for the service already provided. This is a service industry and once the service has been provided and completed no refund for change of mind or unsatisfactory work will be accepted

7.3:  Refund will only be accepted before our service is provided in cases like gift vouchers or the client has already paid in advance before the commencing of the job. In these cases, a refund will only be provided considering the above cancellation policy with original receipts provided.

8: Professional Service Guaranteed!

8.1: Autoclean Wollongong gives our customers Professional Service Guaranteed.

8.2: After the completion of the job, the customer must inspect all work carried out prior to the operator leaving, any issues that need rectifying must be done before the detailer leaves. After the detailer has left and issues are brought up will incur additional charges based on travel time and cause of the problem.

8.3: Autoclean Wollongong guarantees 100% Customer Satisfaction.

8.4 All Autoclean Wollongong operators are Police Checked, Fully Trained

8.5: Autoclean Wollongong is insured up to $10 Million in public liability.

9: Pricing

9.1: Minimum 20% surcharge will be applied to all jobs that involve excessive Pet hair, Urine, Vomit, Blood or other Hazardous materials.

9.2: Autoclean Wollongong car detailing prices based on detailing the type, location, type of car and condition of the vehicle and will be advertised as from price.

9.3: Autoclean Wollongong has the right to charge each vehicle according to its condition.

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