Autoclean lamborghini


If you want your car to have the best, then the ultimate detail is the one for you. This complete detail is supreme in its attention to detail.

Ultimate- A pre-soap wash and rinse
Engine bay detail
A full detail of the exterior, using our specialised spray and microfibre towels
A full hand polish of your car, using the latest polishing technology to leave your car shining, with a protective layer for an amazing finish and long-lasting results
A detail of the rims, and application of a protective coat and shine to your tyres (lasts up to four weeks)
A full steam clean/shampoo seats and carpets
A brush and wipe around the dash, console, steering wheel, and door frames
The application of a protective coat on your car’s interior vinyl, leather, and plastic
Every window polished, inside and out
All seats, carpets, and mats vacuumed, using our high-quality, industrial-grade machines

Starting from $297